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A Good Little Work Out!

One of the many benefits of being a bloomer is being able to ditch the gym and get an endorphin release in the fresh air.


Mission accomplished!

A team of seven gathered to finish digging the trench around the polytunnel so that we can put new polythene onto the metal framework. The Tomaneys were the first to arrive and one by one the rest of the crew arrived, much to Jane and Dave’s relief!

Everyone got stuck in and the one foot deep trench was dug in no time. Thanks to Dave & Steve for removing a holly tree stump, slap bang where our trench needed to be. Our base camp and growing space is nearly complete!

We have one job left to do, so if you are available on Saturday 2nd April, please join us to help stretch the new cover and secure it. Many hands make light work! There is a handy ‘how to’ video below if you want to gen up first!



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Out & About on Saturday

As part of our new and improved 2016 cunning plan, this Saturday will be our second bloomers session.

We will continue to meet at 10am every first and third Saturday of the month. The meeting place is the front garden of Cannington House, which is at the bottom of Rodway, opposite the war memorial.

This week we will be carrying out more poly tunnel preparations. You may remember the awesome power of storm Imogen which occurred a couple of days after we cleaned the polytunnel. Unfortunately the polytunnel now has a permenantly open sun-roof! We remain determined to create ourselves a useable growing space so we will be looking to finance/get funding for a new skin for the polytunnel. Thankfully we have the knowledge of skilled horticulturist, Fiona Stanley, who has experience in these matters. She will be guiding the group in tasks needed to prepare for when we need to stretch the new plastic over the frame.  This includes digging a trench, so ditch the gym and join the bloomers. If you fancy somethings more sedate there will be more gentle tasks too! All are welcome..

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Get your Marigolds Out!

On this occasion we are talking about the glove variety rather than the botanical!



We announced before Christmas that we had kindly been given the use of a polytunnel and that it needed some TLC.

Blooming hard work…

Are you about to tidy your shed?


We are grateful for donations of tables from the Parish Council and from a fellow bloomer, Elaine. We have purchased weed suppressant matting and tape to fix the holes. Now all that we need is elbow grease!

We are meeting on Saturday 6th February at 10am at the field on Gurney StreetYou will find a hole in the hedge next to the Old Popham’s farm house and the polytunnel is right there. It would be useful to bring buckets and soft brushes as well as your marigolds…

Many of the regular bloomers will be there and it is our hope that more people will join us. It is a chance to socialise, have fun and contribute positively to the local community. It is also a chance to quiz the group about what we get up to and why! All are welcome……

If there is enough of us we will split off and do some gardening too.

Many of you will be aware that during the lighter evenings we meet for ‘Weedy Wednesdays’. We are keen that as many Cannington people as possible have the chance to get involved so we will also be meeting every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month too.

This starts with ‘Marigold Saturday’. Hope to see you there….




Are you about to tidy your shed?

The bloomers are continuing in their quest to create a useful growing  space and base. We hope you may be able to help.

We have kindly been allowed the use of a polytunnel.


We’ll have it ship shape in no time!











We are nearly there and just need to patch a few holes and clean it. To complete our mission we need to acquire a few odds and sods.

We have a wish list and particularly need:

  • Weed supressant matting


  • Benches or staging to use as a work station and to put our plants on to stop the rabbits munching our blooms and veg!



Help us thwart this fellow (and his friends)!











Now back to the original question! If you have any gardening items knocking about in your shed that you don’t need and are still in useable condition, then please get in touch. Perhaps you have some old bags of compost, some pots gathering dust and spiders in a forgotten corner or a watering can that hasn’t seen water in a while…

Please let us know if you have anything that might us help in making Cannington even more beautiful……..

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Thank you.