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Why do we do it?

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“I saw you the other evening; you were all out again on the bridge”
“Yes, we were deadheading the barrier baskets and planters”
“What are you doing that for? Weren’t you judged last month? I would have thought you could leave it all now.”
“Oh no, just because the judging is over doesn’t mean we’ve done.”

Now I’m fairly new to this Cannington in Bloom lark but this got me thinking; I wondered how many other people thought this. If I’m honest, I never fully realised how much thought, planning and work goes on behind the scenes. To an outsider it looks seamless. The gardening fairy comes along and, as if by magic, the baskets and planters are changed.

Then I wondered what motivates the individuals in the group. We’re a diverse lot, a couple of us are retired, the rest work in all different fields but it’s become a group of friends that meet regularly. Each one of us gives up our time when we can. It could be once or sometimes twice a week to dig, sew, water, prune, weed, the list is endless. Recently we tried to put our motivation into words. Jane, our funding officer, wrote this.

“I moved to the village 7 years ago and used to drive past the railing along the Jubilee Gardens and think to myself ‘one day I am going to do something about those railings’. I did do something about those railings along with a number of other villagers and so Cannington in Bloom was born. But why did we do something about those railings? They looked unsightly due to rusting paintwork and I, personally, wanted to make a difference even if it was only in a small way. Having completed the work, they looked great but more importantly, we felt great! We, as a small group had achieved something tangible for the benefit of the village. There was such a great feeling of satisfaction and euphoria that for me, it has become addictive! I get a real kick out of seeing the village look so clean and so beautiful, I just want to smile. I genuinely believe that this feeling is infectious and the knock on effect throughout the village is there for everyone to see.”

Me? Well it’s quite simple, I like flowers.

Oh, and by the way, we remove the dead flowers to encourage the plants to keep producing flower after flower after flower. In fact, with regular deadheading you can keep bedding, patio plants, and modern roses flowering from early summer into autumn.


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