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Get your wheelbarrows out!!

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That’s not a phrase you’ll hear everyday.
Wheelbarrow full of flowers

Get your wheelbarrows out and have a chance to win a £50 hamper from Blackmore Farm, donated by Ian Dyer.

• First find a wheelbarrow. It doesn’t matter what state it’s in.  It can be old, new, large, small, wooden, metal, plastic, rusty, broken, you get the idea
• Now you need to fill it with plants.  Will you go for a floral display, veggies or a mixture of both?
• We would like you put the wheelbarrow on the edge of your property or outside your house in time for the judging (Thursday 7th July).  Please make sure you don’t block the pavement.
• The best barrow on the day will win the prize

If you are using a large barrow it’s liable to be really heavy when it’s full so please be careful when moving it.

Good luck everyone


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