Cannington In Bloom

Community Friends Flowers

Epic day!

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As promised, the sun shone brightly across Cannington today, filling us with enthusiasm and determination to seize the moment…

We are pleased as punch to let you all know that we achieved this:



Ta da!

Ten bloomers pitched up today. There was even a return of our old mucker, Kris Scotting, as ever sharing his pearls of wisdom and holding stuff!



Thanks Kris!

Everybody pulled together and worked as a team…


It’s lucky we get on so well, space was tight at times!


As ever, power tools were used to the max and a little envy rippled around some members of the group as Ray brought out the biggest nail gun anybody had ever seen! Ray is a generous guy so he let others have a go:


This photo unfortunately doesn’t show the queue of people wanting this job!

It was a great day, that got sunnier as it went on. Everybody had something to contribute and played a role:

There was also tidying of the bed in front of the allotment and more tidying of the school path in preparation for the work of the children at Cannington Church of England Primary School.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A lot was achieved, laughter and banter flowed, we all went home feeling good. Mission accomplished, well done all!



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