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A Good Little Work Out!

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One of the many benefits of being a bloomer is being able to ditch the gym and get an endorphin release in the fresh air.


Mission accomplished!

A team of seven gathered to finish digging the trench around the polytunnel so that we can put new polythene onto the metal framework. The Tomaneys were the first to arrive and one by one the rest of the crew arrived, much to Jane and Dave’s relief!

Everyone got stuck in and the one foot deep trench was dug in no time. Thanks to Dave & Steve for removing a holly tree stump, slap bang where our trench needed to be. Our base camp and growing space is nearly complete!

We have one job left to do, so if you are available on Saturday 2nd April, please join us to help stretch the new cover and secure it. Many hands make light work! There is a handy ‘how to’ video below if you want to gen up first!



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