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A cunning plan…..

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More bloomers hit the streets this weekend. Jan and Jayne were planting a few bulbs that were still knocking around at what has been nicknamed ‘BT triangle’ a grass verge at the bottom of Rodway.

We hope that you will enjoy this splash of colour ….

The bloomers are planning to plant this up with flowering perennials, providing year on year colour, such as asters, rudbeckias, day lilies and so on. This will provide colour and raise a smile, as well as helping pollinators and other wildlife on this busy stretch of road.

Herbaceous plants often need dividing as the clumps become bigger each year and their centres become woody and less productive. We know that there are lots of keen gardeners in Cannington, with many interesting plants in their gardens, who will be carrying out this job soon. Please consider donating a clump and help us to get this project underway.

Let's renovate this verge...

Let’s renovate this verge to………..







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