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Are you about to tidy your shed?


The bloomers are continuing in their quest to create a useful growing  space and base. We hope you may be able to help.

We have kindly been allowed the use of a polytunnel.


We’ll have it ship shape in no time!











We are nearly there and just need to patch a few holes and clean it. To complete our mission we need to acquire a few odds and sods.

We have a wish list and particularly need:

  • Weed supressant matting


  • Benches or staging to use as a work station and to put our plants on to stop the rabbits munching our blooms and veg!



Help us thwart this fellow (and his friends)!











Now back to the original question! If you have any gardening items knocking about in your shed that you don’t need and are still in useable condition, then please get in touch. Perhaps you have some old bags of compost, some pots gathering dust and spiders in a forgotten corner or a watering can that hasn’t seen water in a while…

Please let us know if you have anything that might us help in making Cannington even more beautiful……..

Leave us a message in the comment box by clicking here.

Thank you.




2 thoughts on “Are you about to tidy your shed?

  1. Hi
    I have some kitchen Work top supported by 2 open shelf units going spare and quite a lot of black fine netting which was used to protect plants on the allotment. You are welcome to these.


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