Cannington In Bloom

Community Friends Flowers

Donate a tenner to Cannington in Bloom and double the cash!!!

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Please support Cannington in Bloom’s work next year by donating a tenner via Local Giving. For every ten pounds given we receive  £21.67!!

We received a Gold Award and won the Cox Cup for Best Large Village in the South West in 2015. It was really lovely to see so many people come together to beautify and take care of their home. Next year we compete to be Champion of Champions so we need to put on an even bigger and better display in 2016..

The money runs out quickly, as it is a national campaign for all sorts of local charities. You will need to search for ‘Cannington in Bloom and then sign up to get us ‘free money’, otherwise known as match funding so please click here to donate us a tenner.

Thank you and if you see us out and about in the village give us a wave…..



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